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Apartment for rent in Bien Hoa City - Bien Hoa Apartments

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Potential rental service apartment in Bien Hoa

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Today renting an apartment has become an essential and common need for young families or for institutional and corporate workers, which in turn motivates and generates large amounts of demand for apartments. To rent while the high-end Bien Hoa Apartment has not responded adequately to that demand. Understanding the need that a series of investors have invested in the construction of high-end apartment buildings to meet the housing needs of people. We take a look at the projects of apartment for rent in Bien Hoa is attracting much attention of customers:

Amber Court Apartment for rent:

Located in the planning of the Bien Hoa City Square, Amber Court is quite beautiful and convenient transportation, just 30 km from Ho Chi Minh City. At Amber Court, all amenities are at your doorstep. This place offers a comfortable living environment for learning, working and relaxing.


apartments for rent in Amber Court.

Amber Court Apartments owns a prime location in the heart of Bien Hoa City. So residents here can quickly move to different places in the city. With modern Asian style architecture design with international standards. Along with many other outpatient facilities, internal interest. The Amber Court apartment project is currently the leading high-end apartment project currently being paid attention in Bien Hoa.

If you want to rent apartments Amber Court please contact: 0932 119 772 (Mr. Tuân)

The Pegasus Plaza apartment for rent: The Pegasus Plaza apartment building is invested with a total cost of 700 billion, located on an area of 4.200m2, the total floor area of 60,000m2, divided into two 20-storey apartment towers and two basements Equivalent to 90m. In order to facilitate the needs of the health of our customers we have arranged to build swimming pool, gym, beauty salon, café, cinema, restaurant, green park and whole area. Have fun for kids.

apartment for rent in the pegasus plaza

Apartment The Pegasus Plaza apartment for rent.

Located in front of Vo Thi Sau street, the center of Ho Chi Minh city. The Pegasus Plaza - Bien Hoa Trade Center - Apartment - Apartment is just 1km away from Bien Hoa Railway Station, Bien Hoa Market, Provincial People is Committee and Dong Nai International Hospital. With the foresight and broadness of the large scale corporation in the real estate market, we are confident that our Pegasus Plaza apartments will be the perfect choice for those who are looking to buy. home. If you want to rent apartments Pegasus Plaza please contact: 0932 119 772 (Mr. Tuân)

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The real estate market is showing signs of positive movement

The real estate market is showing signs of positive movement

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During the Lunar New Year to the present, ACB real estate market of Asia Commercial Bank has welcomed hundreds of visitors, especially overseas Vietnamese to participate in buying and selling houses. The exciting atmosphere is taking place in the real estate market of Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Vo Dinh Quoc, in charge of operations of ACB Real

Motorbike for rent in Bien Hoa

Motorbike for rent in Bien Hoa City

Hi Residents of Bien Hoa City,

Around Bien Hoa City, if you feel difficult to find any services of searching apartments or motorbike for rent, or professional service that can discuss and speak to you on your native language, we are from BH apartment who from the group of youth in Ho Chi Minh City and we can supply to you the services that you can feel easy for living in Bien Hoa City.

We manage various motorbike which is popular and good quality to use.

The range price for automatic motorbike is 1,800,000vnd per month.

The range price for manual motorbike is 1,500,000vnd per month.

We have monthly checking for rented bike and changing oil every 3,000 km.

The policy to rent is easy and quick with our friendly staff and manager.

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