The real estate market is showing signs of positive movement

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The real estate market is showing signs of positive movement

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During the Lunar New Year to the present, ACB real estate market of Asia Commercial Bank has welcomed hundreds of visitors, especially overseas Vietnamese to participate in buying and selling houses. The exciting atmosphere is taking place in the real estate market of Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Vo Dinh Quoc, in charge of operations of ACB Real Estate Supermarket said that only on opening day, the supermarket has received 18 more houses registered for sale and signed a contract to buy two houses with total value 357 gold amount. Quite a lot of overseas Vietnamese after the days of visiting, New Year is relatives also came to learn about buying houses in the country. The supermarket has also opened more showroom for sale by topic: low price, price, lease, mortgage, apartment and villa ...

Many real estate agents said that in recent days they have repeatedly received phone calls or e-mails from the Vietnamese community about the government is policy of selling house-type houses in Hanoi and HCM City from January. , So far unfortunately, there are no circulars to date.

According to real estate professionals, the volume of housing market transactions has increased recently is important thanks to the involvement of banks in the real estate sector. Pham Duy Cuong, Deputy General Director of Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank), said that the bank currently has four large real estate trading centers: Cho Lon, Tan Binh, Sai Gon, and Go Vap with about 1,000 houses. for sale. Last year, Sacombank lent 40 billion VND to support customers buying houses, building or repairing houses. This year, Sacombank will increase its lending capital for real estate services to VND150 billion (8% of total lending) and in the future will raise the rate to 10-20% with real estate sector. .

The housing market in the beginning of the year is gradually warming up. With the increasing participation of banks and housing funds from the planned additions to the growing market, it is confident that HCMC is average housing space will be raised, The daily life of the people is increasingly relaxed, contributing positively to the urban housing reform.

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Potential rental service apartment in Bien Hoa

Potential rental service apartment in Bien Hoa

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