House for rent in Binh Da Ward Bien Hoa

House, Villa, Office, Shop for rent in Binh Da Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai

Apartment for rent in Bien Hoa City - Bien Hoa Apartments

Are you looking ⭐ Apartment for rent in Bien Hoa ? ✅ Please contact immediately ⭐ 0932.119.772 TM HOUSE CO., LTD - ⭐ You will always be assured that we will consult fully relevant legal procedures ✅ Apartment for rent in Bien Hoa, ✅ We will help you find the Bien Hoa Apartments as desired.

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Motorbike for rent in Bien Hoa

Motorbike for rent in Bien Hoa City

Hi Residents of Bien Hoa City,

Around Bien Hoa City, if you feel difficult to find any services of searching apartments or motorbike for rent, or professional service that can discuss and speak to you on your native language, we are from BH apartment who from the group of youth in Ho Chi Minh City and we can supply to you the services that you can feel easy for living in Bien Hoa City.

We manage various motorbike which is popular and good quality to use.

The range price for automatic motorbike is 1,200,000vnd – 1,500,000vnd per month.

The range price for manual motorbike is 1,000,000vnd per month.

We have monthly checking for rented bike and changing oil every 3,000 km.

The policy to rent is easy and quick with our friendly staff and manager.

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